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Cozumel Ferry

Cozumel Ferry
OK you want go on a dive trip to Cozumel and the airline ticket to Cozumel is a whole lot more than you want to spend and you find a real deal to Cancun and you want to know can I get from the airport in Cancun to Cozumel ferry with out lot of trouble and expense. First let talk about the expense, the real reason for going for the cheaper ticket to Cancun is to save money and just how much are you going to save?

How Much is Cozumel Ferry

The price of the bus ticket is about $8.00 usd for a one way ticket ,and about $12 usd for a one way ticket on the ferry from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel. So that’s about $40 usd for round trip and a loose of at least 8 hours of your vacation for travel four hours coming and four hours going back. Now take that price and add it to your Cancun ticket price and some thing for your time and now you have a good idea of how much you have really saved.

Still looking good ok let talk about the travel part or the fun part, when you leave the security area of the Cancun airport walk out side and don’t stop to talk to any of condo sales people or any one trying to sell you something and turn right and walk all the way across the front of the airport to the other front corner of the building or about one block. At that far corner of the building you will see some metal covers over the walk way to keep the sun and rain out while you wait for the bus. The bus is called A.D.O. and is red and white with the words Playa del Carmen over the windshield and arrives about 10 min after the hour every hour and most of the night and stops for about 5 mins so if you miss this one another will be a long next hour.

Buying the Cozumel Ferry Ticket

Buy the ticket while you are in line from a sales man with the right shirt on or directly from the driver, also there is no baggage service here so you are going to load and unload your own bags under the bus and then hand the driver your ticket and board the bus set back take it easy and get ready to watch a some what a of new movie.

The ride takes about 30 mins and puts you in Playa del Carmen just before the top of the hour and if you run you can make the ferry that leave almost every hour straight up. To do this go straight out bus station and walk down the hill toward the ocean and turn right at the bottom of the hill and walk about a block to the ticket counter on the left hand side and get a one way (not around trip) ticket turn left on the pier and get in line.

When the line starts to move hand your ticket to the attendant and walk out on to the pier to the front of the boat and get a baggage ticket for each of your bags (no bags inside the boat) and walk over to gang plank and enter the boat , watch out for low over hang find a seat set back for a 40 min ride to Cozumel.

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