Cozumel Mexico Carnival Week

Cozumel Carnival Week

Cozumel Mexico carnival week on the beautiful Caribbean island of Cozumel, Mexico has many things to attract tourists that include a wide range of water sport activities like snorkeling and scuba diving along the Meso-American reef, the second largest coral reef in the world, second only to the Great Barrier Reef that lies off the coast of Australia.

                 Cozumel Mexico Carnival week

                       February 7 to 14, 2021

Cozumel Mexico Carnival WeekCozumel also offers fishermen the opportunity to catch multiple species of marine life in a beautiful tropical environment and features contests that are attended by hundreds of sport fishermen from all over the world every year.  One of the most popular fishing events is Cozumel’s International Billfish Tournament and the Rodeo de Lanchas Mexicanas Cozumel contest that is held over a three day period and offers the top ten anglers winning prizes for catching the largest billfish.  The grand prize is a Mercedes Benz automobile and other prizes include other types of cars and motorcycles, as well as a cash prize of $10,000 pesos for tenth place!

As if these activities were not enough to entertain locals and tourists alike, Cozumel also carries on the tradition of celebrating the mixture of cultures that make the island so unique with its Cozumel Carnival that takes place every year in February.  The Cozumel Carnival dates back to the mid-1800s and was started by young people who dressed in vibrantly colored costumes referred to as “Estudiantinas” or “Comparsas” and expressed themselves through dancing and singing on the streets of Cozumel.

The origin of the Cozumel Mexico Carnival week  is uncertain but most islanders agree it started as a pagan celebration in ancient Rome or Greece and expanded to include legendary balls for social gatherings and dancing that were imported from Italy in the nineteenth century.

Crowds line the streets of Cozumel to see groups dancing in the streets, exchanging flowers, candies and Mardi Gras beads.  The Cozumel Carnival celebration peaks with three or four nights of colorful parades that feature lively music, performing groups and a large array of costumes for everyone, including children and pets.

This long-standing island celebration features participants whose dance groups have been competing for prizes in the days leading up to the parades and these competitions involve months of practice and preparation for dance groups that are typically comprised of at least 40 male and female dancers.  Cozumel islanders revel in preparing costumes for the event and performing at their highest level for the enjoyment of spectators.

Cozumel is continually upgrading its infrastructure to include tropical landscaping downtown, pedestrian walkways and other improvements all over the island that are designed to attract tourists to the island and make their experience more convenient and fun.  The park in front of the Palacio has been upgraded with a new performance stage for a variety of entertaining shows.  The town square is the center of activity with live music, delectable food and drinks and plenty of distractions in the form of street dancers and other colorfully dressed participants.

    When is Carnival in Cozumel 2021

If you want to enjoy a vacation like no other you’ve ever experienced, you should visit the island of Cozumel during Cozumel Carnival which is held on varying dates every year, but usually in February.
Cozumel Carnival concludes on “Fat Tuesday” with a dazzling and colorful parade of people and decorated floats.

          Cozumel Carnival Dates 2021

This year’s per Carnival events will run from January 13 to February 9 and the real celebration starts on February 10, 2018 downtown 6 pm.  Cozumel Carnival will take place from ,Saturday February 10 through Wednesday, February 13, 2018 with the biggest celebrations and best parades to be held on the evenings of Tuesday and Wednesday, February 12 and 13.  The closing ceremony and traditional burning of Juan Carnival will take place on Thursday, February 14, 2018.

Make your reservations today to enjoy the week-long technicolor celebration that contributes to making the island of Cozumel, Mexico a unique vacation and seafront extravaganza that will please everyone in the family and make you want to return every year for the celebration.

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