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November 27 2020

  • Oceanman Open Water

    Oceanman Cozumel Aug 8,2021 Oceanman is the first global open-water swimming competition that offers both amateur and professional swimmers. The opportunity to compete in a variety of races for the […]

  • Hotels Cozumel

    Hotels Cozumel

    Hotels Cozumel Hotel Cozumel have some of the nicest  places to  stay at affordably price like Hotel  Villa Deja Blue & Restaurant .Just one block from the beach and just […]

  • Cozumel Restaurants

    Restaurants in Cozumel Cozumel is an island in the Caribbean Sea that lies about 7 miles off the southeast coast of Mexico.  This predominantly undeveloped tropical island is a popular port of […]

  • Ix-Kool Restaurant Cozumel

    Ix-Kool Restaurant Cozumel

    Ix-Kool restaurant in Cozumel is a new Maya authentic restaurant in the Royal Village Shopping Center. Located at the south end across from the international pier. Ix-Kool restaurant Cozumel features […]

  • Cozumel Mexico Dental Work

    Cozumel Mexico Dental Work Cozumel  Mexico dental work or a vacation in Cozumel? How about both: a couple of weeks lazing in sunshine paid for with money saved on dental […]

  • Safe In Mexico

    Safe In Mexico

     Safe In Mexico On Vacation Cozumel remains the safest place Staying safe in Mexico on vacation Is it really safe to vacation in Mexico? Perception is everything when it comes […]

  • Bob Marley Bars

    Bob Marley Bars

    Bob Marley Bars Cozumel Rasta and Freedom in Paradise Restaurant Take a swing through Jamaica at Cozumel’s southern tip Sooner or later visitors to Cozumel discover there’s so much more […]

  • Spring Break in Cozumel

    Spring Break in Cozumel

    Spring Break Cozumel Spring break Cozumel happens every year when it appears as though spring has finally sprung, millions of people from across the United States and Canada descend on […]

  • Thanksgiving in Cozumel

    Thanksgiving in Cozumel

    Thanksgiving in Cozumel Mexico The modern Thanksgiving Day celebration that takes place annually in the United States can be traced back to Colonial New England when the newly arrived Puritans […]

  • Cedral Festival

               Cedral Festival The ancient Mayan village of El Cedral was discovered in 1518 by Spanish conquistadors but its ancient ruins date back to 800 A.D. El Cedral has a […]