The House of the Hamburger CozumelBurger House Cozumel

Burger House Cozumel has one of the
best open flame grilled hamburger
in Cozumel and served with some
of the best french fries or onion
rings in Cozumel Mexico.
All  packages come with fries and
cold drink for $70 pesos or $5 us.
If your a tourist or a local this is one of the
best priced restaurants for the money on the island.
Sit at the counter and talk to the chief (he speaks good English)
or sit at one of the many picnic tables and get great
service from there fine waiters. You cant go wrong on
this dinner choice, great for groups or just a single
late night walk about four blocks from the ocean
or six block walk from Hotel Villa Deja Blue.

If your planning a trip to Cozumel and want to stay
at some great Villas near the Burger House Cozumel.
Come Check us Out
Home away 


Traditional – Cheese,lettuce,tomato,pickles.
Bacon Burger- Cheese, bacon.
Mushroom Burger- Cheese, mushrooms.
Diabolic Burger- Cheese, chipolata.
BBQ Burger-Cheese, onion, BBQ sauce.
Hawaiian Burger- Cheese, ham, pineapple.
Carnivore Burger- Cheese, ham, salami.
Cheese Burger- Cheese and cheese and more cheese.
English Burger-  Cranberry, cheese in red wine.
Cuban Burger-  Cheese fried egg, fried banana, ham.
Italian Burger- Ham, cheese Serrano pesto sauce.
Argentinian Burger- Cheese sauce Churriguera
sausage from Argentina
Mexican Burger-  Cheese guacamole  jalapeno Chile.

All Hamburgers
Meat 150 gr
Meat 300 gr ($35 pesos extra)
Chicken 150 gr
Vegetables 150 gr

Special of the House

Burger Master
400 grams of juice meat to any burger $160 pesos.
Skirt Steak
300 grams of the best skirt steak bake potato with salad.$160 pesos.
Rib Eye
300 grams of delicious trimmed to your liking  comes
with bake potato and salad. $180 pesos.
Stuffed Bake Potato
Mushrooms, bacon, meat,potato, chicken.$180 pesos.
Skirt Steak Burger $95 pesos.
Rib Eye Burger $160 pesos
Onion $40 pesos.
Roasted Onion $45 pesos.

Wednesday to Sunday (Closed Monday and Tuesday)
6pm. to 12 am.
11 av. between 25 and 30 street south side two doors from 7/11 store.
Delivery available

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