Caribbean Divers Cozumel Mexico

Caribbean Divers Cozumel Mexico

Caribbean divers Cozumel Mexico the ultimate scuba diving vacation at Hotel Deja Blue Villas. Get the full service with Cozumel’s Caribbean Divers.Caribbean Divers Cozumel Mexico If there’s one thing which keeps people coming back year after year to Cozumel, it’s the scuba diving. The range of drift diving on the Cozumel reefs is world class and there’s no better full service operator to book with than Hotel Deja Blue Villas partner, Caribbean Divers. Facebook buzos.caribeYou won’t find a more respected or likeable dive operator than Caesar Zepeda and the crew, Cappy and Chabelo, anywhere on the island.Their large boat Esfuerso is spacious and comfortable and there’s always a classic lunch of pop, fresh fruit and sandwiches during the interval.       No matter what your level of diving experience, from novice to Nitrox, Caribbean Divers can accommodate your two tank dive on these spectacular reefs. The gentle currents running parallel to the island on the west side create allow fantastic visibility whether it’s the Devil’s Throat, Santa Rosa Wall, Los Tormentos or Palancar or any of the more than 25 sites.

The reefs are a protected national marine park so you’ll encounter eagle rays, spotted rays, manta rays, sea turtles, grouper, barracuda, dolphins.   Reef fish from parrot fish to drum fish to toad fish and moray and brown eels, nurse sharks, lobsters and more. In the summer the magnificent whale sharks cruise the deeper channel feeding on plankton blooms.
Back on shore the Hotel Deja Blue Villas in the quiet neighborhood of Corpus Christi. The hotel offers a secure wash down and storage for your gear at poolside where you can relax in the afternoon sun.

Hotel Villa Deja Blue & Restaurant

Your hosts Dennis and Silvia can also point some of the best restaurants and attractions, most of which in walking distance of the discreet boutique hotel.

Or, in the morning drop in at La Cocina de Silvia downstairs for the best breakfast deal in town or, swing by for lunch after sleeping in. The hotel is walking distance to a small beach and local shopping where you can pick up groceries and supplies at two nearby massive supermarkets, Mega or Chedraui. On an off-diving day, rent a car or take a taxi to the other side of the island and check out the surf crashing on the long stretches of natural beaches. There are some great little restaurants, with wonderful fresh seafood and cold drinks. Once you experience it, you’ll be back too, because next to the scuba diving, it’s the people of Cozumel who are the other biggest attraction.

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By Ian Harvey