Cozumel Chocolate Factory Tour

Chocolate Factory Tour

Cozumel Chocolate Factory Tour
Cozumel Chocolate    Factory Tour

Cozumel Chocolate Factory Tour is one of the newest tours available to tourist. The chocolate factory is a family owned business started in 2007 that has deep culture with ancestry of the Mayan culture. The tour consists of the history of chocolate, actually making your own chocolate, sampling the process from beginning to end. When finished you will able to purchase and thing you made.

First of all let’s get started chocolate was born 1500 years ago in Puoc Hill County near the Uxmal ruins. Cacao seed is the main ingredients in chocolate and so valuable they were at one timed used as money by the Aztec’s. In Mayan the word Cacao means (good food) which is a aphrodisiac for the Mayans.  Cacao beans are put in a large pot and boiled till the coco butter floats to the top and is skimmed off.
After the coco butter is removed the seeds are smashed to make a pulp and this is mixed with honey or sugar to remove the bitter taste. Coco butter is used by women for body cream and sun tan lotion. The pulp is poured in to pans for shaping and wrapped for selling. All products made during the tour are available for sale at the end of the tour.

Tours are Mon thru Sat at 9am 10am 11am 12pm 1pm and 2 pm.
These tours has a lot of lecturing and therefore is not recommended for small children but are accepted.
Price is $20 usd per person.

So if you would like to take the Cozumel Chocolate Factory tour and need a place to stay check out (Here).