Cozumel Mexico Dental Work

Cozumel Mexico Dental Work

Cozumel  Mexico dental work or a vacation in Cozumel?Cozumel  Mexico dental work
How about both: a couple of weeks lazing in sunshine paid for with money saved on dental work.
Cozumel Mexico dental work is a booming industry and some 56,000 Americans, Canadians, Central and South Americans flock to Mexico for cosmetic and dental work annually. They can save up to 70 per cent or more compared to what they’d pay at home or because the quality and standard of care is superior to what they have at home.
Clearly, no one likes going to the dentist but there are dire consequences to putting off dental work.
Some avoid going because of the cost, and for those without a health plan in the U.S. or Canada, dentists are expensive. For others it’s a mortal fear and anticipation of discomfort or pain.
Sooner or later though, life catches up and that trip to the dentist can be a nasty financial shock not to mention an uncomfortable series of procedures which would have been avoided if the patient had gone to a dentist regularly.
“Seriously, I know people don’t like going to dentists, but that’s okay, I understand,” says Cozumel dentist Dr. Malu Becerril. “So I say to people, if you’re going to be upset, why not come down here to beautiful Cozumel and have a vacation at the same time so you can at least enjoy some of your time?”
It’s not such a crazy idea. As Dr. Bercerril notes, Cozumel Mexico dental work is up to 70 per cent less in Mexico and are a major driver of medical tourism.
A simple cleaning can cost up to US$100 stateside but averages around US$25 in Cozumel. Other procedures such as bridges, crowns, extractions, root canals can also be provided at substantially less than the rates noted by the American Dental Association (ADA) <> and the Canadian Dental Association.

Indeed, medical tourism generally < is on the rise, mostly for dental or cosmetic work.
Border towns along the U.S.-Mexico border are the most common destination for Americans but sunny vacation spots like Cozumel, the small island off the Yucatan coast famous for its spectacular scuba diving on pristine reefs is fast gaining popularity.
With its international airport, there are direct flights from several U.S. cities and Montreal and Toronto in Canada. Alternatively there’s a bus, ferry or shuttle flight from Cancun airport which takes just over an hour.
The fact is 70 per cent of American seniors have no insurance for dental coverage according to Oral Health America.
Those who do find the cost of dental care in the U.S. is rising at about five per cent a year and most plans now have high deductibles and a growing list of excluded procedures.
“We can do almost any procedure that you need,” says Dr. Bercerril <> who trained in Mexico City and has been practicing for 30 years. “We even have an oral surgeon who comes in from Cancun once a month, we have access to panoramic maxillary x-ray machines. We really have all the same equipment and work at the same standards as the U.S. and Canada.”
The dental aspect of medical tourism alone is worth nearly US$400 million a year, according to the Mexican Association of Oseointegration (COMO) while the Mexican Association of Dental Industry and Trade says medical tourism could generate more than US$3.5 billion across the board.
With that in mind the Mexican federal government is working to standardize procedures and attract more people. They plan on bilingual Spanish-English nurses and increase the number of private Mexican hospitals accredited by a joint US-Mexico commission.

“Sometimes we see patients who have a dental emergency on vacation,” says Dr. Becerril. “But we’re also doing implants, temporary bridges and other procedures. In the case of implants they have to set in and have the bone grow around them properly so it may take two or three visits over a few months.”
For those northern residents of American and Mexico who winter in sunny climes like Florida or Arizona, the option of spending three to five months in Cozumel while also taking care of some neglected dental work is appealing.

Cozumel Mexico dental work  has a long list of procedures, beyond check ups and cleanings:
• Fixed Dental Implants
• Dental Bonding
• Dental Bridges
• Dental Crowns & Caps
• Dental Fillings
• Dental Implants
• Same Day Dental Implants
• Mini Dental Implants
• Bone Grafts for Dental Implants
• Dentures
• Lumineer Porcelain Veneer Procedure
• Porcelain Veneer Procedure
• Root Canals
• Extractions
• Impacted Wisdom Teeth
• Teeth Whitening

Dennis Anderson, owner-operator of Hotel and Restaurant Villa Deja Blue <> in Corpus Christie, an upscale neighbourhood of San Miguel, the main city of Cozumel, caters to long term guests who may also take advantage of dental work.
“Certainly this is a boutique facility but with full maid service, a pool and security it’s perfect for long term guest, especially medical tourists,” he says. “Hotels on the island aren’t really set up for long term stays and most of them want you to go all inclusive. What’s the point of all inclusive if you can’t eat the food or drink because you’re between dental procedures? We’re a few minutes walk to two large, modern supermarkets, where pick up what you need and just set your own pace because there’s an option of a living room and kitchen accommodation. If you don’t want to cook we have the best value for breakfast right here as well, at our restaurant La Cocina De Silvia <”>
If you want to travel a little further around the compact island of Cozumel there is an abundance of taxis.
Whether you walk or get a ride, you can check out the hundreds of restaurants on the island offering everything from Mexican cuisine to French, Argentinean, Italian, American, French, Japanese and German. And, being an island of course, fresh seafood is always on the menu.
And if you don’t feel like going out or cooking, there’s the Room Service food courier service which will bring piping hot meals from a wide selection of restaurants right to the door.

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