Getting Married or Honeymooning in Cozumel Mexico

Getting Married or Honeymooning in Cozumel Mexico


If you’ve ever dreamed of a Caribbean wedding, 
the beautiful tropical island of Cozumel, Mexico is a perfect place to tie the knot. Situated in the western Caribbean Sea off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and only 45 miles south of CancunIsla Cozumel will help create beautiful, colorful and unique wedding or honeymoon memories for your special occasion. 

Mexico’s largest island offers visitors a large variety of entertainment activities that include scuba diving and snorkeling in the warm Caribbean waters along the world’s second largest marine reef system known as the Meso-American Reef which stretches for 175 miles between Honduras and the Gulf of Mexico. Since Jacques Cousteau made the island famous after filming a documentary there in 1961, Cozumel has been at the top of destination lists for scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts around the world. 

The reef system is home to a thriving population of marine life, some of which aren’t found anywhere else in the world (like the Splendid Toadfish) and include over 60 types of corals, over 500 fish species, five marine turtle species, hundreds of tropical fish, brilliantly colored sea sponges and one of the globe’s largest collections of whale sharks. 

In addition to fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, cruising and water tours, the island of Cozumel also offers year-round warm air and water temperatures and long stretches of white sandy beaches and a wide variety of land adventures that include sightseeing, walking and biking tours, day trips and extended excursions to Mayan ruins and other historical sites, as well as theme parks, spas and a lively nightlife to top it all off. 

Cozumel is the perfect wedding or honeymoon destination and provides a plethora of entertainment activities to create those special memories to carry through your lifetime, as well as a variety of lodging options. 

The hotel accommodations in Cozumel offer a wide range of amenities from all-inclusive resorts to small, quaint properties, one of which will provide the perfect home base location for your Caribbean wedding.  

Potential entertainment activities aside, there are other factors to consider when planning a Mexican wedding and they include costs and availability of air travel and lodging for invited guests, time schedules, accessibility of restaurants and local attractions. Another important thing to consider is the fact that some Cozumel hotels are for adults only and are not kid-friendly, which could substantially impact travel decisions made by wedding guests and others with children. 

Many hotels offer the services of certified wedding planners and licensed travel agents to help plan your special day. The services of wedding planners can be very valuable and relieve the stress associated with planning such an eventful occasion, especially in order to adequately comply with the requirements of marrying in a foreign country like Mexico. 

There are no minimum-stay requirements for those who marry in Cozumel, but there are other requirements that have to be met which include the following: 

  • Completed Marriage Application form which can be obtained from the local registry office in Mexico. 

  • Photo Passports valid for at least 6 months (preferably), original and copies of your Visitor’s Permit which gets completed at the port of entry (or a copy of a resident permit for Mexican citizens). 

  • Marrying parties must be at least 18 years of age so as not to require parental consent. Boys over the age of 16 and girls at least 14 years old can marry in Mexico, but only with parental consent. 

  • Blood tests have to be conducted at least 20 days prior to the marriage, preferably by a Mexican doctor, because medical tests from anywhere else have to be evaluated by a Mexican doctor and translated into Spanish. Some areas of Mexico also require chest x-rays which can be confirmed by local registry offices. 

  • Birth Certificates with Apostille (Notary certification) and Spanish translation. 

  • In some Mexican jurisdictions, if either marrying party was previously married, documentation has to be provided regarding Divorce Decrees from or Certificates of Death of former spouses. 

  • Four witnesses at least 18 years of age who must present valid identification in the form of a Passport or other government-issued identification document. 

  • Same sex marriages are allowed in several Mexican states which can be confirmed by the local registry. 

  • Religious matrimonial ceremonies can be performed in a Mexican church, but additional planning and fees are required. Only civil marriages are recognized as legal in Mexico so the added planning and expense of a church wedding are completely optional, although most Mexicans have both. 

  • Marriage Certificates should be “legalized” before leaving Mexico by the proper authority (State Department or Foreign Office), information about which is available from local registry offices. 

  • Before Mexican authorities will accept any legal document issued by foreign countries, they must be Apostilled which is done in the United States by the State Department’s Office of Authentication and the appropriate individual state in which the document was issued (see for more information); in the United Kingdom, the Foreign Office provides this service through the “Legalization Page” on its website; in Australia, The Department of Foreign Affairs “Authentication and Apostilles” section legalizes documents; Canada does not ascribe to the Apostille convention and requires only a notarization procedure for certifying legal documents. 

After gathering all the required paperwork and official documentation, a Marriage License fee of approximately $30 USD must be paid after which the wedding ceremony can take place at the Mexican location of your choice. Some Mexican states have waiting periods that range from a few minutes to several days, specifics of which can be confirmed by the local registry.  

After your civil wedding ceremony and before leaving Mexico, newlyweds should have their Marriage Certificates Apostilled by the proper Mexican authorities, details of which can also be confirmed at the local registry or by the wedding planner of your choice. 

Start planning today to be married in the beautiful tropical location of Cozumel, Mexico where your wedding will be a unique experience for everyone involved, especially the couple sharing nuptials on their special day.

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