The beautiful Caribbean island of Cozumel is situated about seven miles off the southeastern coast of Mexico and is a popular tourist destination for snorkeling and scuba diving along the Meso-American reef. Tourists travel from around the world to reach the beautiful sandy beaches of Cozumel and enjoy the temperate climate and crystal clear warm water for multiple water sport activities, including competitive events like fishing contests and bicycle races.

bike raceOne of the most popular competitions is the GFNY (Gran Fondo New York) bicycle race, the first of which was held in Cesenatico, Italy on July 12, 1970 and is similar to marathons in which athletic runners compete except that the Gran Fondo competition involves bicycle racing.

The GFNY amateur bike race was founded in 2011 when organizers took the popular Italian bicycle race to New York City. Thereafter the GFNY expanded to other locations around the world, one of which is Cozumel, Mexico.

Athletes who compete in the GFNY event will enjoy spectacular views of the beautiful Caribbean paradise while riding over coastal roads that meander along the shimmering Caribbean Sea. Competitors can choose the GFNY Gran Fondo race which is a 100 mile event or the GFNY Medio Fondo race which is 50 miles. Entry fees for both events are only $130 (plus $8.14 fees) or racers can choose the VIP package for $600 (plus $27.95 fees) which includes additional perks like airport transportation, relaxing massage, VIP tent with morning and afternoon snacks, customized meals provided by a nutritionist and a front position for starting the race.

Cozumel’s GFNY bicycle race covers the entire island on a closed racing course that begins downtown and follows coastal roads for 40 miles and then returns along the northern inner section of the island for an additional 10 miles and ends at the same place the race began. GFNY Medio Fondo race competitors will complete the course one time and those who compete in the Gran Fondo race will run the same course twice, for a total of 100 miles.

Male and female athletes between the ages of 18 and 75 are eligible to compete in various age categories or individual competitions. There are also “team” competitions, as well as “his and her” and “King of the Wind Challenge” competitions.

Sponsors of the racing event provide prizes to the winning competitors that include medals for top finishers, jerseys, jewelry and bicycles as well as bike accessories. More sponsors get involved every year so the prize possibilities continually grow. There is also a raffle after the event in which all competitors participate.

This year’s Cozumel GFNY event will take place on Sunday, November 8, 2020 from 7:30 am until 4:30 pm (CST). There are numerous hotel and vacation rental properties from which to choose and accommodations are typically booked early so make your reservations as soon as possible if you want to attend or compete in the 2020 GFNY

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