Mexican Green Sauce

Mexican Green Sauce

The tradition green sauce
which is very mild and is
great for Tacos, Quesadillas
and Mexican sopas.
Silvia uses  this Mexican
sauce is in all her
Enchiladas and her famous
Chilaquiles in her Cozumel
restaurant Lunch with Silvia.
Cut in pieces enough greenBoil Green Tomatoes
tomatoes to fill the blender.
Add 1/4 cup white onion.
5 tablespoons parsley.
4 pieces dime size garlic.
1 cup of water.
5 tablespoons of yourCook on stoveBlend Green Tomatoes
favorite cooking oil.
Blend for 2 mins.
Cook over med heat
for 30 mins.
Cool can be served
hot or cold.

By Dennis Anderson

Green Sauce

Salsa Verde: Green Tomatillo Salsa

Cooked Salsa Verde

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