Solar System Hotel Villa Deja Blue

Solar System

Villa Deja Blue goes Solar

Installing solar panels from Fronius Solar and ECO Green Energy at Hotel Villa Deja Blue & Restaurant in Cozumel Mexico is more than just about sustainable energy and preserving the environment.

New Hotel Solar System
New Hotel Solar System

“It’s also good business, for me and my clientele,” says owner Dennis Anderson. “Electricity is my biggest cost and here in Cozumel, because it comes from the mainland, it’s very expensive at US 46-cents per KwH. Compared that to about US 8-cents per KwH in St. Louis or in Toronto where the highest rate is CAN18-cents aKwH or about US14-cents.”

With seven sleeping areas and four kitchen and living room areas equipped with individual air conditioners the kilowatt hours quickly add up and so Anderson took decisive action.

First he partnered with Fronius Solar Energy < > and ECO Green Energy < >to build an in-line grid-tie inverter system to reduce energy costs by 50%.

Also, depending of time and day, the hotel uses less energy than it produces, and as a member of Fronius world of 24 hour of Sun is feeding that excess power back into the grid and being paid for each KwH, further off setting costs.

The system uses two Fronius  IG inverters the IG 5100 and the IG 4000 with forty ECO Green Energy EGE-Sh-260 M solar panels. This make a 9300 watt system on eight strings that produces 50 kw daily on sunny day. This will help keep cost as low has possible to be competitive in today’s hotel market .

“It’s also good for our clientele because by reducing my energy costs, I can keep my room rates stable,” says Anderson. “It’s a win-win for everyone because otherwise I would have increased my rates a year or two ago.”

All incandescent bulbs have been replaced with LED bulbs, which has further reduced energy consumption – and costs – because they draw much less power.

Also, each unit now has the new hotel energy saver lock. This system uses a powerful magnetic front door key fob which acts as a switch when inserted into the slot of the wall controller to access power to the villa.

When the guest go out for the day or evening, they lock up, taking the key with them and prompting the air conditioning to shut down a minute later.

“It really helps keep energy costs down because many people don’t realize how expensive energy is here in Cozumel or simply forget they left the air conditioning running in an empty room,” he says. “Many guest don’t use the air conditioning at all since between the ceiling fans and the ocean breezes, it’s quite comfortable for sleeping and in the day time. However, when it does get hot and humid the air conditioners are quite powerful and will cool down a room within minutes to there’s no need to leave them running all day.”

As Anderson notes, keeping costs down at Hotel Villa Deja Blue & Restaurant allows him to keep rates down and that’s a attraction for guests looking for affordable yet comfortable, secure accommodation in a good location.

“Our neighborhood of Corpus Christi is one of the best areas of San Miguel yet there are super center markets just 200 and 300 feet away, we’re close enough to walk into town or to the beach while many guest love lounging by the pool and catching some sun,” says Anderson. “Our goal is to offer the best value possible.”

If you’re curious about Hotel Villa Deja Blue, swing by for breakfast at  Silvia’s restaurant, the best deal on the island and ask Dennis for the low down and see for yourself.

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Additional Amenities

  • Dive shop front gate pickup
  • Saltwater Pool
  • Gear rinse tank
  • Beaches nearby
  • Secured gate
  • Cozumel airport or Ferry pickup available

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