Ix-Kool Restaurant Cozumel

Ix-Kool restaurant in Cozumel is a new Maya authentic restaurant in the Royal Village Shopping Center. Located at the south end across from the international pier. Ix-Kool restaurant Cozumel features famous authentic Maya dishes that you can cook your self if you wish or let them to the cooking.


How ever we first started with guacamole appetizer that we made are self along with Chaya lemon with sugar to drink.
To make the guacamole we took a stone bowl. Add two guacamole’s, half a cup of tomato cubes , two tablespoons of diced onions, half a lemon squeezed, pinch of salt and a dash of black pepper.

Along with a stone spoon and crushed it all up and served with fresh tortilla chips.

Following that next we moved in to Ix-Kool Restaurant kitchen and started grinding the corn to make fresh tortillas . We used a athletic Maya stone table with stone rolling pin to grind the corn. Now just add water and roll up to size of golf size balls. Than take a banana leaf to top and bottom in tortilla hand press and your ready to cook.

At Ix-Kool Restaurant we Cook on flat iron pan for about about three minutes on each side. Along with a knife slice a hole in the side to separate the sides. Finally take spoon and load the beans in the center and then take your fingers smooth  the beans to cover all the corners.You now have a whats called Salbute.

Second Course

Following back to the table the waiter is working on the second course of hot lime soup with fresh tortilla strips along with onions.

Main Meal

The waiter made a chocolate drink served in a coconut shell called Saacab (Drink of the gods). Made with chocolate , cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and washed all that down along with pineapple drink with chia very refreshing.

Finally the tortillas turned in to the main course of Cochinita Pibil Panuchos with onion and guacamole.


In addition we couldn’t leave Ix-Kool Restaurant Cozumel with out desert. Corn bread with vanilla ice cream and chocolate writing on the plate.

The Family

In conclusion Ix-Kool Restaurant Cozumel is great experience in to Maya food. We had a great time the food was excellent.Very clean. The staff was great and importantly for me great English.

Finally to sum up we will be back!

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