Oceanman Cozumel Aug 8,2021


Oceanman is the first global open-water swimming competition that offers both amateur and professional swimmers. The opportunity to compete in a variety of races for the chance to achieve and surpass personal goals in swimming.

The oceanman began in 2015 in Italy and Spain and expanded in 2016 to include five races on two continents. Oceanman became the only International World Championship in Open Waters with swimming competitions in beautiful locations like Malaysia. Along with Orta Lakes in Italy as well as multiple sites in the Pacific Ocean and shimmering Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas.

Races around the world

Currently there are seven Oceanman races on several continents around the world. In addition to  ten additional races designed to allow participants to practice swimming in preparation for one. Or above all of the main Oceanman swimming competitions. These events are open to anyone who wants to compete. From beginning swimmers to those who are more confident in the water or professionals who swim competitively.

The Oceanman open-water swimming competition consists of three different distances. Shown in kilometers (1 km equals approximately two-thirds of a mile) which are Oceanman (between 6 and 14 km), Half Oceanman (between 3.5 and 5 km) and the Amateur competition (between 1 and 2 km).

Competitors are not required to participate in every qualifying race. For example you only have to qualify in one of the three racing events in order to advance to the final competition, the Oceanman Worldwide Championship.

The first ten male and female competitors to finish in each of the Oceanman and Half Oceanman events will automatically advance to compete in the finale. Secondly which has become one of the world’s greatest sporting and social gatherings involving swimming. This typically drawing over 2000 people from around the world in the form of organizers, competitors, companions and tourists.

First Oceanman

The first Oceanman competition in North America took place in 2016 on the beautiful sub-tropical island of Cozumel, Mexico. The event was a great success with over 300 swimmers vying for top honors including famous swimmers and some who competed in previous Olympic events.

Finally the success of the event’s first year ensured Cozumel’s future participation in Oceanman swimming competitions. Participants and tourists alike enjoy the beauty of the island and friendliness of the locals, as well as the exciting nightlife and delectable food and drinks.

This year’s race in Cozumel will be the sixth of seven worldwide Oceanman competitive, open-water swimming events and takes place on Sunday, August 8. The final race will be held in Benidorm, Spain on October 15, 2017. Finally at which time all qualifying swimmers from the seven worldwide competitions will participate in the final racing event. And this will determine open water swimming champions!

In conclusion one needs to register to participate in the race. Above all make reservations as soon as possible for travel and hotel accommodations since this is a popular attraction for people from around the world.

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