Mexican Red Sauce

Mexican Red  Sauce

 Mexican Red Sauce recipe is used
in lotRed Sause BlenderTomatoes Red Sause Mexican dishes like
red chile enchiladas,
tamales and red sauce chilaquile
and is very easy to make.
The following are the ingredients
needed to make authentic old
school Mexican red sauce recipe
like the Mexican do with that old
world taste .Red Sause CookingRed Sause
Take eight ripe red
tomatoes or enough to
fill blender cut in 1/4.
Two pieces of fresh garlic
crushed. 1/4 cup of diced
white onion.
One cup of water.
3 Tablespoons of yourRed Sauce
favorite cooking oil
Blend for 1 min.
Remove from blender to
sauce pan and cook for 30 mins.
Red sauce can be served hot or cold.

By Dennis Anderson

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