Review Kolorines Pool Tile

Review Kolorines Pool Tile

If Kolorines pool tile is the leading manufacturer of mosaic tiles for swimming pools the industry has a long way to go.  Kolorines Pool Tile
The Kolorines pool tiles look good on paper but are very low quality for outside areas .They have work underwater but when used in a out of water area like decks and pool edges that are exposed to direct sun light the tiles break down and lose there color. We used the color Nacar which reflects at the surface of some sea shells or pearls, this effect was to gives a clean and reflective surface . But after a few years the ever-changing sparkling and delicate dynamism particular of the glass-metallic covering on opal glass that produces an iridescent radiance is gone to a dirt no sea shell or pearls tile that guests don’t want to touch or walk on. There is obsolete a defect in the manufacturing of these tiles and should not be sold for pools.

The Kolorines pool tile Iris collection  features a simmering rad-ency of eight colors on paper ,but i am wondering if the manufacturing problem is the same with all the colors or just with Nacar. These tiles should never be used for decks or traffic areas that are not under water to protect the metallic covering and cause the glass to break down and loose its glass-metallic covering to look dirty and unsanitary.

We have tried to contact Kolorines thru there web site and Whatsapp and have talked with Cindy Cuadra and so far
they are only interested in were we bought the tile and who installed the tile and that they would pass the
message on and that was weeks ago. Not very impressive for the leading manufacturer of mosaic tiles for
swimming pools.

Low quality Kolines pool tile

Kolorines Pool Cozumel Mexico