Silvia’s Restaurant



Silvia’s Restaurant at Hotel Villa Deja Blue is open from 7:30Silvia's Restaurant
to noon for breakfast with authentic style home cooking
Mexican food. All breakfasts are $5 usd or $85 pesos.
Free coffee and fresh sweet rolls every day.

Silvia’s Red Sauce
Silvia’s Green

From the freshly squeezed Orange Juice to the perfectly runny fresh egg yolks, this cute restaurant doesn't disappoint.
I get something different every time... Read More

Ingrid U.Ingrid U.

Best hidden gem for breakfast and smoothies! We stayed a few doors down from this place and had breakfast here EVERY morning before diving. Food was fresh,... Read More

Heidi B.Heidi B.

This place was very charming, open at 7:30 for breakfast (and I think they close at noon). It was $65 pesos for huevos rancheros and $70 for chilaquiles... Read More

Hotel Villa Deja Blue Cozumel MexicoLa Cocina de Silvia
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