Swim with the Dolphins in Cozumel

The beautiful subtropical island of Cozumel lies just off the southeast coast of Mexico in the shimmering Caribbean Sea. The nearby Meso-American Reef System is the second largest in the world (second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia) and attracts scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. In addition to a plethora of water sport activities, Cozumel also offers a variety of land excursions like exploring ancient Mayan ruins, which can be done via guided tours or exploring on your own using rented bicycles or motor scooters.  

Swim with the Dolphins in CozumelThe fun never ends in Cozumel and one of the most popular adventures among tourists and locals alike is swimming with the dolphins at Dolphinaris. This popular activity can be experienced in a variety of ways that include the following: 

  • Dolphin Swim Program allows guests to interact with friendly dolphins by petting, hugging and kissing them, as well as shaking their fins and “Foot Push” and “Dorsal Ride” behaviors where the fun loving creatures propel you at full speed across the top of the water. There is also a free-time session that allows guests to listen to their signature communication skills of whistling and clicking, as well as watching them do amazing acrobatic routines.  
  • Dolphin Swim and Ride allows guests to learn about dolphins, their habitats and behaviors while watching them swim and glide under water and the ultimate experience of holding onto their pectoral fins and going for a thrilling dolphin ride. Guests will be able to touch and interact with the dolphins while learning about their physiology and the ways they communicate. This one on one dolphin encounter is a memorable experience enjoyed by many at Cozumel’s Dolphinaris as well as other locations around the world. 
  • Dolphin Interactive Program is specifically designed for young children or those who cannot swim and is ideal for families. This option allows guests to interact with dolphins in the safe and shallow waters of a natural cove as well as standing on a platform that is submerged in the water approximately three feet deep and allows guests to enjoy a fin shake, kissing the dolphins and observing their natural behaviors that include whistling and clicking communication sounds and spectacular acrobatics. 
  • Dolphin Swim Speed Ride in the Riviera Maya is an adrenaline filled experience that allows guests to perform a variety of interactive behaviors in both deep and shallow water while shaking the dolphins’ fins, kissing and caressing the fascinating marine mammals. Guests who choose this option will enjoy a thrilling ride on a dolphin across the lagoon by choosing either the foot push, the belly ride or the boogie push interactive behaviors. 
  • Triple Adventure Program in the Riviera Maya allows guests to interact with dolphins with a morning or afternoon pass that allows a half day of fun in the sun that provides more time in the water than any other option. Guests can choose 3 activities (from 5 different options) for interactive and fun filled experiences that allow them to feel the skin of the dolphins, kiss and hug them and watch them underwater as they play with guests and display their amazing skills and acrobatics. 
  • Dolphin Trainer is an option that allows guests to experience the dream job of training dolphins while learning about techniques for caring for them, their diet, habitats and basics of training that allow guests to witness their amazing dolphin behaviors and techniques used to train them. 
  • Trainer for a Day allows guests to become a dolphin trainer for a day by getting behind the scenes and learning all about the basics of training them, how and what they are fed and interactive behaviors like petting, hugging and kissing them, as well as popular foot-push and dorsal riding behaviors that speedily propel guests across the shimmering lagoon. This option also includes a “Dolphin Dive” that is specifically designed for those who have never scuba dived (no experience necessary) but want to enjoy the thrill of watching the dolphins’ underwater behaviors and amazing acrobatic agility and listen to their signature whistling and clicking communication behaviors. 


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