House Rules

        General Rental Terms
No smoking in the villas ($ 200 usd cleaning fee charge to the guest)
Smoking is allowed around the pool and outside area.
Other Rules
             There is no life guard on duty swim at your own risk.
No glass around the pool area.
Beach towels for offsite are available with deposit.
                   No moving or changing any electronic equipment this includes:
Wi-Fi passwords, deactivation of a/c controls, moving TV
or router or extenders & smoke detectors.
You room will be cleaned every day (Tip not included) 
Please turn the a/c off when not in the room
Open the windows to keep the room fresh
for you and the next guest.

Check Out is 11am.

              Monthly Guests.
                    Your villa will be cleaned once a week included
in the rent (Tip not included).
                     Bedding and towels will be exchanged weekly.
             We have cleaning supplies and tools available any time. 
              Trash pickup from the city comes late Mon, Wed, Fri
             please have you trash in street basket before you retire.
                   Your electric bill is due by the 5Th of each month.

Houfy No Fees