Ultra de la Selva Cozumel 

Running enthusiasts will be happy to know that Circuito Ultras will bring another event this year to the tropical jungle of Cozumel, Mexico . 

The deadline for open enrollment is April  and discounts are available for groups, institutions, students and others. More registration information can be obtained by emailing circuitoultras@gmail.com or by visiting www.circuitoultras.com. 

The Ultra de la Selva 2017 will feature races of varying lengths including 50K, 25K, 12.5K and shorter distances of 3K and 1.5K.  

The 50K race is the equivalent of roughly 31 miles and is the shortest distance a runner can go beyond the limits of a typical 26 mile marathon. The 25K half Ultra de la Selva will consist of about 15 miles, the quarter race about 7 miles, the 3K about 1.8 miles and the 1.5K is the equivalent of less than a mile (.9). 

The varying distances for the Ultra de la Selva event enable every level of runner to participate in the races that take participants into the tropical jungle of Cozumel. In addition to this race, the area offers visitors a wide variety of land and water entertainment activities to satisfy every adventurer. 

Local accommodations are available with a variety of amenities and transportation and lodging accommodations should be reserved as soon as possible for those interested in competing in the event or visiting the area when the Ultra de la Selva event takes place the weekend of April .